About Us

Why Choose Us?

Our members consist of 7 million professionals and 6,000 businesses that rely on AAOP to provide extensive networking opportunities and additional business support.

Knowledge Through Experience
The team at the American Association of Professionals has a wealth of experience in journalism, media, publishing, digital design, public relations and information technology.
Award Winning Quality
Our Business Development division has worked on projects ranging from media production to web and software design that have won awards for our clients across an array of industries.

Our Value Proposition

Custom Tailored & Cost Effective IT Solutions

Quantifiable Results
We design systems backed by analytics to obtain results that can are both measurable and scalable.
Tailored to You
Our custom solutions are created specifically around our member's goals.
Increase Profit
From customer acquisition strategy to streamlining operations using automation, we can assist in growing all areas of your business.
Control your Budget
We work within your budget to deliver the most impact for the least amount of money.

From the very beginning, we set a number of key values for ourselves. These values still guide our work in becoming the largest professional organization in the United States.

Our company activities are based on the principle of efficiency in everything that we do. We are committed to achieving results using optimal resources to maximize ROI for our members. Our custom IT solutions provide our clients with additional competitive advantages in their target market.

Effective cooperation

We set a number of key activities for ourselves, activities are based on the principle of efficiency in everything

Profitability, commitment to achieve results using optimal resources and maximum payoff are the principal guidelines of our work aimed at getting additional competitive advantages on the market.


Recent News and Announcements

Our responsibility is backed by our exceptional commitment we always deliver what we promised. Company expands the scope of its activities of business conduct and the geography of its services.